Sometimes words are at the bottom of your heart,
You wanna say them but your lips don’t part.
You are not sure of what you’ll face
Should you stop or is it worth the chase?

So you put it off for a few days,
When the clouds are gone, and there are sun rays

You go out to party, drink and get high
So you can forget reality and start living a lie
It’s too late until you realize,
You’re a work of the devil, no longer a disguise.

Now the devil is smiling, looking at his work
His criteria on Earth is so marvelous, he can’t help but smirk
You start lying, you start cheating
Elevating you position in his eyes, abbreviating your meeting

You think it’s not too late, you can go back
Whisper those words and survive from the devil’s attack
You close your eyes, say the words left unspoken
Too late of a realization, never since then did your eyes open..

Just another guy

I don’t know what to call you,
I don’t know if you have a name.
What I do know is that,
You have driven me insane.

It’s not how you feel next to me,
Nor is it how we touch.
It’s the way your lips smile,
When you whisper,
I love you so much!

I’m not sure if it is love,
Or if it’s just an illusion
All I do know is,
I had no objection to your intrusion.

Now my poetic side is sleeping,
So goodbye.
Oh and him?
He was just another guy ..

So I wrote this poem a whileee ago, probably been a few months. Thought I’d put it up before it got lost with other papers. Yeah I can’t write ‘happy poems’ well, but then again, it’s only the sad ones that are deep, isn’t it?

Thinking of you

You’re on my mind lately,
Don’t know what you did so greatly.
I start singing, thinking of you,
Imagining a walk in the park, just us two.

I play a conversation in my head,
Listening to love songs, laying on my bed
Look into the mirror, see a smile on my face
I can’t fall so easily, isn’t that a disgrace?

Might be a bit too late, I’m on my knees,
I walk out the door, holding the keys.
I’m on my way, headed to see you
I feel embarrassed, hit the lights & take a U

Someday when my feelings are too strong to hide
Hopefully I will have you sitting by my side
Then I can pour out my heart to you,
In the hopes you won’t break it into two..

Until then, I’ll sing and dance around,
Fly as far as I can from the ground
Imagine your hand in mine,
Just us alone, sipping wine.

So I wrote this last week sometime when I was supposed to be studying. Yeah I couldn’t focus. Again like I said for my previous poem, hard for me to do ‘happy poems.’ And again, written in a few minutes :)

You said so

And everyday when the sun goes down,
I can’t help but wonder
And think about tomorrow,
‘Cuz deep down inside I know
It holds a deeper sorrow.

At times things go wrong,
And at times things appear right
But I can’t tell what it is
It’s like living in a strange fright

I dream of love,
I dream of fame
But it’s like being in a desert
And wishing for the rain

After I realize what it really is
I turn around and begin to leave
I find myself waking up in pain
And realize to dream is nothing,
but profane

As I’m leaving you cross my mind
You whisper to my ear and tell me to
“Leave it all behind” 
You give me hope 
And give me courage

And tell me to do what you had said
To keep following my dreams
If you can’t follow them, 
Then run a lil and chase them down
‘Cuz long before you know someone will live it before you
And you will be standing in the crowd,
Clapping your hands
With nothing but a frown.

You Walked Away

Thinking back at the day,

When we met,
There was a little ray,
Of hope, which turned into sunset.

You approached me like an angel would,
Made everything look right.
I look back at that day where I could
Have turned this into love instead of the fight.

I yelled at you,
You yelled over me.
I could see the dew,
And watch you leave.

I broke down
You turned around.
I thought back at the day
And you walked away…

Best Toothpaste Uses

I’m at work, doing my “research,” and I came across this article about 15 brilliant uses for toothpaste (not the gel kind, the typical plain white toothpaste). And I thought I should share since most of them are brilliant indeed. 

1. Relieve irritation from bug bites, sores, and blisters. 
2. Soothe a stinging burn.
3. Decrease the size of a facial blemish :O
4. Clean up your fingernails.
5. Keep hair in place.
6. Scrub away stinky smells.
7. Remove stains.
8. Spruce up dirty shoes.
9. Remove crayon stains on painted walls.
10. Make jewelry sparkle.
11. Remove scratches on DVDs and CDs (stopped working for me)
12. Tidy up piano keys.
13. Deodrize baby bottles.
14. Remove the burned crust on iron.
15. Defog goggles.

Here is the link if you would like to know more in-depth about how to exactly use toothpaste to do the things mentioned above. Or if you just want to view the actual slideshow. 

Back to workk!

It’s not over…

I was blowing away,
What could I do?
Everything seemed to sway,
I was lost without you.

Now I’m trying to find
The good in life.
Trying to leave you behind.

But this love is killing me
I hope I’m the only one
To fight this feeling
And go through the action.

When I tried to do it right
This time around,
I was faced with a strange fright
And got pushed to the ground.

Wasted too much time
Being there, standing strong
Lifted you off the ground.

Now I gotta get away
Let you experience the pain
Got me thinking you knew the game
You are nothing, but a shame.

You confused yourself
To be the best I ever had
Wake up, please
I already got a better lad

Before I say goodbye
I’ll leave you with a clover
It’s ALL over.


Out the door, out the door,

Everything you gave me, I threw

Out the door

Standing in the front yard,

Telling your friends all the s**t I pulled off

I hope you didn’t fail to mention the times

Where you hit me and asked me to f*** off

Also hope you mentioned your dirty lil deeds,

Managed to follow footsteps of your ex,

And repeated her unfaithful actions,

On to your next

Whispering ‘I love you’ at nights,

Telling me there is no one,

But every morning we got into fights

And at night you left to have some ‘fun’

So go ahead, get gone

Call up and check on them w****s

Oh I bet you didn’t know I knew

What did you think I was calling you out for?

Taking them out with the loan I gave you

Then coming back to me at nights

Oh don’t you think I forgave you.

At nights you came for the loving,

Then hit me in the fights

This won’t continue anymore,

No, I ain’t your whore

I won’t shed another tear

Of losing you, I got no fear

Sitting in your room

Telling me I can’t find better

You’re the best, did you assume?

Well you must not know about me,

You must not know about me

I can find a better you in a minute,

In fact he will be here any second

So please don’t you ever for a second get to thinking that you’re



Thinking back to the past few months,
Who knew I would be here?
Sitting alone, feeling insincere.

I’m looking back at my mistakes,
Trying not to regret,
But I’m engulfed by this frightening fret.

The clock is ticking,
I can’t stop the time
Why did I even commit this crime?!

I wandered thru and found luck
And it just walked away
Telling me it had nothing to say.

I wandered more and found hope
Asked it to be my defender,
It shook its head and whispered,
“I’m sorry, but I surrender…”