I was blowing away,
What could I do?
Everything seemed to sway,
I was lost without you.

Now I’m trying to find
The good in life.
Trying to leave you behind.

But this love is killing me
I hope I’m the only one
To fight this feeling
And go through the action.

When I tried to do it right
This time around,
I was faced with a strange fright
And got pushed to the ground.

Wasted too much time
Being there, standing strong
Lifted you off the ground.

Now I gotta get away
Let you experience the pain
Got me thinking you knew the game
You are nothing, but a shame.

You confused yourself
To be the best I ever had
Wake up, please
I already got a better lad

Before I say goodbye
I’ll leave you with a clover
It’s ALL over.