And everyday when the sun goes down,
I can’t help but wonder
And think about tomorrow,
‘Cuz deep down inside I know
It holds a deeper sorrow.

At times things go wrong,
And at times things appear right
But I can’t tell what it is
It’s like living in a strange fright

I dream of love,
I dream of fame
But it’s like being in a desert
And wishing for the rain

After I realize what it really is
I turn around and begin to leave
I find myself waking up in pain
And realize to dream is nothing,
but profane

As I’m leaving you cross my mind
You whisper to my ear and tell me to
“Leave it all behind” 
You give me hope 
And give me courage

And tell me to do what you had said
To keep following my dreams
If you can’t follow them, 
Then run a lil and chase them down
‘Cuz long before you know someone will live it before you
And you will be standing in the crowd,
Clapping your hands
With nothing but a frown.