You’re on my mind lately,
Don’t know what you did so greatly.
I start singing, thinking of you,
Imagining a walk in the park, just us two.

I play a conversation in my head,
Listening to love songs, laying on my bed
Look into the mirror, see a smile on my face
I can’t fall so easily, isn’t that a disgrace?

Might be a bit too late, I’m on my knees,
I walk out the door, holding the keys.
I’m on my way, headed to see you
I feel embarrassed, hit the lights & take a U

Someday when my feelings are too strong to hide
Hopefully I will have you sitting by my side
Then I can pour out my heart to you,
In the hopes you won’t break it into two..

Until then, I’ll sing and dance around,
Fly as far as I can from the ground
Imagine your hand in mine,
Just us alone, sipping wine.

So I wrote this last week sometime when I was supposed to be studying. Yeah I couldn’t focus. Again like I said for my previous poem, hard for me to do ‘happy poems.’ And again, written in a few minutes :)