I don’t know what to call you,
I don’t know if you have a name.
What I do know is that,
You have driven me insane.

It’s not how you feel next to me,
Nor is it how we touch.
It’s the way your lips smile,
When you whisper,
I love you so much!

I’m not sure if it is love,
Or if it’s just an illusion
All I do know is,
I had no objection to your intrusion.

Now my poetic side is sleeping,
So goodbye.
Oh and him?
He was just another guy ..

So I wrote this poem a whileee ago, probably been a few months. Thought I’d put it up before it got lost with other papers. Yeah I can’t write ‘happy poems’ well, but then again, it’s only the sad ones that are deep, isn’t it?