Sometimes words are at the bottom of your heart,
You wanna say them but your lips don’t part.
You are not sure of what you’ll face
Should you stop or is it worth the chase?

So you put it off for a few days,
When the clouds are gone, and there are sun rays

You go out to party, drink and get high
So you can forget reality and start living a lie
It’s too late until you realize,
You’re a work of the devil, no longer a disguise.

Now the devil is smiling, looking at his work
His criteria on Earth is so marvelous, he can’t help but smirk
You start lying, you start cheating
Elevating you position in his eyes, abbreviating your meeting

You think it’s not too late, you can go back
Whisper those words and survive from the devil’s attack
You close your eyes, say the words left unspoken
Too late of a realization, never since then did your eyes open..