Left with a Burn

So umm I don’t know why y’all hating on me,
Why can’t you live your life, and let me be?
Is it cuz of your insecurity when I walk by,
Oh hold up.. was the dude staring at me your guy?
Y’all bitches hate on me thinking you know me
Believe me girl, if I was a guy,
You’d be the first hoe to blow me
I already left a few feeling like a rebound
Still busy picking up their confidence that I left shattered on the ground
If your intentions are to bring me down
So you can get higher
Quit using me as a stepping stone
Cuz one who spreads rumours is just a liar
All these guys joining bitches to talk smack
Soon enough they tryna take me out to dinner then their shack
To think I’m stupid, and I won’t know
Think again cuz it’s me, not you, so not as slow
Heard so much, it just makes me think
That maybe you grew up in a blink
Didn’t get enough time to learn
That when you mess with fire,
You are the one left with a burn..

Good luck with your studies!


So I thought I’ll stop writing until my midterms are done, and just realized they aren’t done until November, and that’s when my final exams start. So I’ll still write, just about relevant things I guess.

Anyway this post is here because midterms are approaching soon, and I have been going to these “study skills sessions” hahahah. Anyway they are actually pretty helpful, and I might as well share some of the tips I found with you, since yeah I can be nice like that (at times :P)

Well firstly listening to classical music helps :O well I’m in Math so I usually listen to music while working, but now I listen to things like “Romeo and Juliet” by Tchaikovsky, and “Moonlight Sonata” by Beethoven. It can work for people for different reasons. (Personally for me, now I can actually work without distractions for 2 hours, surprisingly. Because yeah I have an attention span of 10 minutes max.)  And of course there are other composers whose work you would prefer, just youtube it. You might have heard about the “Mozart Effect,” it has something to do with classical music and brain waves. But yeah the main reason classical music helps is because it does something with the brain waves, and calms the left and right side of the brain. Yeah I’m not too into Biology so I’m not sure about how it exactly works, but that’s what I have heard/read. Of course it won’t work for EVERYONE, but there is no harm in trying. If you wanna read more about it, guess you could just Google it.

Another thing that helps is water. The brain tissue is 85% water or so, I think. So yeah I guess it’s common sense as to how keeping the brain hydrated will help. Putting a lemon wedge in it doesn’t hurt either, it cleans out the “toxics” within the body.

And yeah the usual tips on getting 8 hours of sleep, having a schedule, planning a week ahead before your exam on how to study, etc are the other tips explained in details in my handouts. If I could I would scan them all and put it up. But I guess we are all too busy studying than to read on how to study. If personally anyone wants to take a look, I’d be more than happy to share them.

Also another thing I mentioned in my blog earlier helps, it’s mentioned here. “Back to school” (haha why did I name it back to school? wow) Anyway so it mentions stuff about time management, if that’s one of the areas you would like to work on.

One last tip is the 50:10 rule, study for 50 minutes, take a break for 10. And do this for 3-4 hours, and then take a long break where you can go work out, hang out with friends, watch TV, etc.

Oh and apparently you can cram effectively too :O It’s stuff like focus on the main material, get sleep, be selective on what you study, etc.

Wow people look tiny from the 7th floor, ha. Anyway I’ll get to algebra, yeah of course not the most entertaining post, but something I thought would be helpful since exams are approaching soon. Also helped me kill some time without feeling unproductive, so a win-win situation 😛

Good luck!